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ClassViewer - This utility program combines the features of the Clarion Application Builder Class Viewer and the CallTree utility. Analyze all classes (not just ABC), make annotations, view the class source and help files. A must have for serious developers.

CoolTips - Class wrapper and template to encapsulate the tooltip control (comctl32.dll) which provides a tooltip for the controls on a window. Easily add balloon tooltips and tooltips on regions.

DateTimePicker - Class wrapper and template to encapsulate the Windows date and time picker control (comctl32.dll), which allows users to specify date and time information.

Ole Drag and Drop - Drag and Drop data to and from your Clarion app and any application that supports OLE Drag and Drop (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc). ABC Templates only.

Queue Edit in Place - Full Edit-in-Place functionality for queue driven list boxes. ABC Templates only

Screen Capture Tools - Easily capture, print or save screen images. ABC Templates only.

NetTools - Easily include NetWare features in your Clarion for Windows programs.

CxTools - Data compression library. Ideal for backup, installation, document storage.

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