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Screen Capture Tools - $99.00

Have you ever wished you had a simple way to enable your users to capture screen images and save them to a file or print them?

Have you ever wanted an easy way to paste images from the Windows clipboard into an image control?

Devuna Screen Capture Tools make these tasks a breeze...

Our Screen Capture Tools include a library that handles all the low-level Windows API calls, a Clarion wrapper DLL, and a set of templates that make using the wrapper library routines a snap.

With v's Screen Capture Tools you can easily paste DIB, BMP, EMF, and WMF data from the Windows clipboard into an image control.  Capture or Print the Desktop, Application Frame, or an individual Window.  Scale printed output.  You can even let the user select an area on the screen to be captured.

The PrintScreen functionality is ideal for a quick 'report' of what is on the screen, for documentation, or for help desk support.  No more copying to the clipboard and switching to another application to print or save the clipboard image.