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Queue Edit In Place - $99.00

HaveHave you ever wished you had a simple way to enable edit-in-place processing on a queue without having it tied to a file loaded browse?

Have you ever wanted an easy way to save and load global memory variables including groups and queues?

Devuna Queue Edit in Place Templates make these tasks a breeze...

Our Queue Edit In Place Control Template creates a queue driven list box with update buttons. The implementation is very similar to the browse box edit in place. You will feel right at home with the prompts and embed points.

Our Load/Save Global Memory Procedure Template creates a procedure that you can use to save global queues, groups, and non-dimensioned variables. Dimensioned variables can be saved by placing them inside a group. Tell the procedure template what global data to include, provide a global filename variable, and you are ready to use the procedure. Simply prime the global filename then call the procedure with one of our pre-defined action equates.