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NetTools - $99.00

If you’re ready to get serious about making your network applications work at their optimum level, you’re ready for NetTools Enterprise Edition. This toolbox offers function prototypes and extension code and control templates that provide NetWare control never before available. You get full access to the latest 16 and 32-bit NetWare libraries as well a new Network Class which provides access to Windows, NetWare, and other networks through the Multiple Provider Router (MPR) interface.

With NetTools, you will

  • Have full access to Netware Directory Services and the NetWare Bindery
  • Instantly access various information, including security facts on users, user groups and file servers
  • Access volume and directory information
  • Modify directories and handles
  • Open, close, delete and recover erased files on the file server
  • Send messages, log messages to NetWare log or use message pipes
  • Switch between local and network printers, control and monitor print jobs
  • Create and destroy queues, modify and monitor queue jobs
  • Perform file or logical record locking on individual files or records or lock as a set
  • Use semaphores to synchronize tasks or control the number of users allowed access
  • Control workstation environment factors

A Classy Solution

NetTools Enterprise Edition now features a Network Class that provides an easy-to-use interface to the Multiple Provider Router allowing seamless access to more than one Network at a time. This set of networking methods and properties provide all the commonly used capabilities required by applications. Browse, connect and disconnect from network resources, and retrieve information on current connections.

Get the Professional’s Edge

With its comprehensive support and rich functionality, easy-to-use NetTools Enterprise Edition is the choice of professionals who demand optimum performance and control. Get serious about making your network applications work with NetTools Enterprise Edition.