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"A terrific, must-have tool for every programmer! I use it multiple times every day. It's fast, intuitive, and has plenty of features that help speed-up my programming. And the support is fantastic! I highly recommend it!”
John Hickey, Positive Software Company
"As in all their products, Devuna addresses the user's real needs - styled into a beautiful, simple, current, and intuitive application for the software developer -- what I call KiSS - Kwik incredible Source Search!

And for the incredible low cost ... the time saved ... it is a no brainer to replace whatever you are using with KiSS!”
Arnold Young, Nice Touch Solutions, Inc.
"I've been a frequent daily user of CSS since it was introduced it at ETC over a decade ago. I can't thank Carl enough for all the time and money it saved me. And yet, I've stopped using it.

Randy's KSS has taken over as the search workhorse in my daily routine. It's more than just CSS with a pretty face. It's faster and the UI is more flexible and far more productive.

In addition to the pleasant surprise of speed that surpasses the already-fast CSS, KSS' design recognizes that programmers need more than a language-enabled search. We need powerful in-context search that knows the language and knows how we work.

- We often get interrupted with higher priority tasks, so KSS offers the ability to save and reload search results, eliminating the need to repeat work.

- We often need to search for different things to complete the task we're working on, so KSS offers the ability to have multiple active searches.

- We make changes to files that don't require opening an IDE and doing another search to find the same code, so you can edit the files found in the results via KSS' syntax-highlighted editor.

- We perform the same tasks repeatedly, so KSS has macro capabilities to make that repetition easier.

- We need to eliminate clutter to focus on what's important, so KSS provides the ability to quickly/easily get rid of hits that you don't want to see.

If it saves you half an hour just one time, it pays for itself. For me, KSS does this day in and day out. Highly recommended."
Mark Riffey, Rescue Marketing
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